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             Sacramento, CA Film Critics: Movie Reviews, Discussions, Debates and Film Festival! 

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SacTown Movie Buffs Film Fest is a Website dedicated to Movie Discussions and Film Reviews. We are also now a Film Festival showcasing Independent Filmmakers in Sacramento, CA as well as throughout the United States. 


Jason and Kierre have been best friends for over 25 years and enjoy discussing films and debating movies. We are just two local guys who live in Sacramento, CA and are looking to grow our Movie Discussion Channel and hopefully you enjoy our content.  Please feel free to subscribe, comment and give us a Thumbs Up on our videos and reviews. We are also open to collaborations and would love to hear from Sponsors to pitch their film related products, marketing or events.

If you are Filmmaker and looking to submit to our Festival,  we should have the Festival up and running soon.

         Film Festival Coming in 2023!​


           Please check back for more information

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