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Jason's Review of In Search of the Last Action Heroes ★★★½

Watched Aug 22, 2020

Pretty entertaining documentary from some of the same folks who a bit later made IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS (the awesome 4-hour documentary about '80s horror films), but this time focusing on action films and action stars.

I definitely prefer IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS, not just because horror is my favorite genre, but for other reasons as well. This one is a lot of fun, but it is a tad more generic, doesn't have quite the same high caliber of interview subjects, and lacks IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS's strong structure and concept. ...LAST ACTION HEROES initially focuses on the '80s but doesn't confine itself to that decade and it doesn't proceed chronologically, two things I really liked about the other documentary. This one tries to cover more ground in less time, and ultimately feels a bit messy and scattershot in the end.

It is still quite a bit of fun, though, and if you prefer looking into fewer films with a bit more depth, (and also if you really really really like martial arts) it may be more your cup of tea than the horror doc. I'll stick with the rapid-fire fun factor of IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS, though!

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