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Kierre's Review Kimi 2022 ★★★½

Watched Mar 01, 2022

Kimi is the latest Steven Soderbergh film that stars Zoë Kravitz as a agoraphobic Tech who works for a company that designs audio devices called a Kimi; that is basically similar to an Alexa or Siri device. She works from home during the Pandemic, and it is clear she hasn't been outside in quite some time. Her job is to fix issues with Kimi when the device can't understand certain words or phrases said by users in their homes. During one of her fixes, she hears what may be a woman being attacked. So, she send the audio of the recording to her Corporate Office in order for them to investigate. However, her corporate office seems to be unwilling to do anything and request that she come into the office to discuss the recording she heard on the device. This of course presents a new challenge as her anxiety is heightened about the thought of going back outside again. I found the first half of the film to be a little slower than expected as it centers generally around one character being stuck in her apartment. Things do really pick up once she leaves the house and it sort of turns into an action film about 2/3 into the movie. Overall, I did quite enjoy this one but just felt the pacing was a bit slow moving in the first half.

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