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Kierre's Review of Bill and Ted Face the Music ★★★

Watched 30 Aug, 2020

Bill & Ted Face the Music is the 3rd installment of the Bill & Ted saga. If you remember in the first film they are told that their music one day will save the universe...30 something years later they are married with kids and have not saved the universe. In this film they are told they have about 77 minutes to come up with the song that saves the universe or we are all doomed! So they come up with a plan to go into the future to meet their future selves in order to obtain the song that saves the world. Meanwhile their two teenage daughters come up with their plan to go back in the past to find the perfect band for their Dads' song. I can't say I was always the biggest Bill and Ted fan. I enjoyed the first film and thought Bogus Journey was decent. However I did enjoy this film I thought it overall funny with a lot of heart. I also especially liked the creepy Robot villain. This is one that I can recommend, especially if you were fans of the first two films. For a longer discussion regarding this film, please visit our Youtube Channel, SacTown Movie Buffs and I've included a link to the discussion below.

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