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Kierre's Review of Coming 2 America 2021 ★★½

Watched Mar 05, 2021

Coming 2 America is like the 33 year old sequel to "Coming to America" which starred Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. In the previous film, Prince Akeem of Zamunda is played by Murphy who didn't want to be forced into marriage, so he decided to travel to America, specifically Queens, New York to find true love.

In this film his father is dying and so Akeem will soon be The King of Zamunda, but a rebel Military led by Wesley Snipes has threatened to attack the Kingdom for ditching his sister in marriage thirty plus years ago. Meanwhile King Akeem, has only daughters which traditionally they cannot be rulers of Zamunda as you must be a male. His oldest daughter is also not interested in appeasing her father by marrying one of Snipes' sons which poses two major issues with Akeem. However, as luck would have it, he soon learns that he has an illegitimate son from back when he was in Queens over 30 years ago. So Akeem decides to travel back to America again to find his son and bring him back to marry one of Snipes' daughters.

Coming to America is one of my all time favorite classic films. It was very original, and funny and I still enjoy watching it all the time. However this film is just not up to par. I didn't expect it to be superior to the original but this film didn't really offer much other than a few laughs and chuckles here and there. It has no real originality and the story was basically just a rehash of jokes from the first film as about 90% of the jokes were referring back to the first film. If you are going to wait 33 years to make a sequel, you could have at least come up with an original story. Same tired jokes about bathers, basically the same exact story about finding your own bride and the film just didn't offer enough laughs for me. Overall just an OK and semi-forgettable film.

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