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Kierre's Review of Day Shift 2022 ★★★½

Watched Aug 07, 2022

Day Shift is a Netflix Film that stars Jamie Foxx as Bud, a Vampire Hunter who poses as a Pool Cleaner, but to make ends meet he kills Vampires and takes their fangs to sell them for cash. He used to be a part of a Professional Vampire Hunters Organization but was kicked out due to too many violations. When he learns that his ex-wife and daughter may be moving away due to financial issues, he enlists the help of his old Friend "played by Snoop Dogg" to rejoin the Organization to make more money hunting Vamps. However due to his many past violations, he is paired with a new partner, "Dave Franco" who was assigned to him to watch for any violations. Meanwhile, Bud has killed a vampire who is particularly important in the Vampire hierarchy and soon has an army of Vamps after him. The film also co-stars, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and Meagan Good. Although this is a Vampire movie, it is a mix of Horror, Action and Comedy and I really enjoyed this film. The Vamps in the film are varied and can really fight. I found the film to be a lot of fun. It has great action and lots of humor and all the characters are great. I expect there to be a sequel to this film and I definitely would be excited about that. I strongly recommend checking this one out.

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