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Kierre’s Review of Fatman 2020 ★★★½

Fatman 2020 ★★★½

Watched Dec 01, 2020

Fatman stars Mel Gibson as Santa Claus who is in a bit of a rut. He feels like the Christmas Spirit isn't what it once was and also he is running out of funds and money to have his elves make toys. So he recruits the help of the Military and they begin having the elves make weapons. Meanwhile, a very bad kid who received coal for Christmas hires a hitman played by Walton Goggins to find and kill Santa! So obviously this isn't your typical Christmas film as there's lots of bad language and violence throughout this film. However, I found this film to still be within the Christmas spirit and a whole lot of fun! I highly welcome everyone (who is at least 13 years of age or older) to check this film out. It is so much fun! Walton Goggins definitely steals the show however as he always does.

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