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Kierre’s Review of Hubie Halloween 2020 ★★★½

Hubie Halloween 2020 ★★★½

Watched Oct 11, 2020

Hubie Halloween stars Adam Sandler as a local down "pushover" named Hubie, who love Halloween (supposedly). He works at a Deli, and still lives at home with him. He is a bit of a joke around the town he lives in and people including children all make fun of him, and throw objects at him while he is riding his bike. Every Halloween Hubie wears a homemade "Monitor" badge and goes around and makes sure that kids are being safe and practicing all the safety rules for Halloween. However this year, he learns that a mental patient has escaped and may be hiding in town, and either is killing townspeople or kidnapping them. Hubie of course takes it upon himself to find the escaped mental patient.

This film is billed as semi-horror/semi-comedy film, but really it just a straight up comedy. It is basically Adam Sandler and all of his movie friends or friends from SNL all playing funny roles in this film, with many cameos and surprises as well.

It isn't a very smart comedy and had many dumb and bad jokes, but I still enjoyed it. It is basically like a Halloween version of Bill Madison as Hubie is a bit on the slow side also. I thought it was very funny in parts and is a fun film you can with the family (probably best suited for pre-teens and up) and would make a great yearly watch addition to any fan of Halloween theme films.

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