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Kierre's Review of Malignant 2021 ★★★½

Malignant 2021 ★★★½

Watched Sep 18, 2021

Malignant is a 2021 Horror film now in theaters and streaming on HBO Max and stars Annabelle Wallis as Madison, a woman who is being tormented by a Serial Killer. Whenever the killer is about to kill his next victim, Madison becomes paralyzed and can see it as it is happening.

This films has many twists and turns and is very difficult to describe without giving away too much.

This is the kind of film where it is best not read too many reviews or watch too many trailers. I would advise just checking it out and knowing as little as possible about the film as I did. The film itself is very polarizing for audience. Many feel the film is great, like a 90's throwback film in horror. Others feel the film is plain out silly and terrible. I personally really enjoyed the film and felt it was very interesting, scary and had a great deal of action as well. This is a film that I strongly recommend, but will admit that it isn't for everyone.

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