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Kierre's Review of Nobody 2021 ★★★½

Watched Mar 28, 2021

Nobody stars Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, a family who is in a bit of a rut. He is stuck in the same daily routine of missing the garbage man, drinking coffee, using his Metro bus card and going back forth to work. He seems to do this almost on a daily/weekly basis and is basically invisible to his family. He is basically a nobody, to everyone around him.

One night a couple of robbers breaking into his home late at night and he confronts the armed robbers and his son actually grabs and tackles one of them, while the other female robber points a gun at his son. Hutch has the opportunity to take out the armed female robber but chooses not to, and the two intruders are able to flee with a few of the family's possessions. This experience triggers something in Hutch awaken an old secretive and violent past he once had. He is "a man with a very particular set of skills", and he decides to go out and look for trouble. For me, this film reminded me of a "John Wick" lite. A seemingly regular guy who after a break-in, is activate to a hardcore killing machine. This story is a bit different but both films are very similar in many ways. While I can't say this is quite as good any John Wick film, it is a very interesting and entertaining action film. It is one that I do recommend for other action junkies like myself.

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