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Kierre's Review of Terrifier 2 2022 ★★★

Watched Feb 04, 2023

Terrifier 2 is the return of Art the Clown, the homicidal killer clown that terrorizes a town. This film centers around a family of a mother and her adult daughter and young son. The family lost their father some time ago but there is a link between the family and Art, as they start having dreams and visions of the killer clown. Of course, Art not only targets the family but also many of their friends as well as he embarks on his killing rampage!

Hopefully if you are reading this review, you've seen the first film as I will say this film is not for everyone. It is very violent and one of the most brutal horror films out there. Blood, gore, brains and severed body parts make up a huge portion of the film. It is entertaining but I found the film to be just a tad bit too long in my opinion, especially for a horror film with a basic plot. I did enjoy the film overall but perhaps didn't love it quite as much as many horror enthusiasts.

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