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2024 Film Festival Selections

SMBFF Official Selections

Animation Film Selections

Mo Alagi-Days and Times_edited_edited_ed
A Minor Screw up (1)_edited.jpg

Short Film Selections (Less Than 10 Minutes


2. Pistachio-A Love Story


Student Film

1. Short Drive

Short Drive.jpg

Short Film Selections (10 Minutes and Longer


2. Buy Me a Taco


Feature Film

Centauri 29.jpg
Mad As Hell.jpg

3. Simp


Short Film (10 mins and Under Selections

The Ghost Hunt.jpg
Rise of the Collapse(1).jpg
I Thought of You.jpg
The Lost.jpg

5. Late Night Ride

Late Night Ride.jpg

6. You're On Your Own, Kid

You're On Your Own, Kid_edited.png
The Plaza.jpg

8. The Ukelele

The Ukelele.jpg
See You Soon_edited_edited.jpg

Short Film (More than 10 mins Selections

The Donor (51).jpg
The Diner.jpg
Need a Lift (53).jpg
Hidden Above 2.jpg
The Stroller (66).jpg
leggo my soul.jpg
Inked Love.jpg

8. Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow.jpg

9. Thirteen Steps

Thirteen Steps.jpg

10. Contract


Feature Documentary

N Men The Untold Story_edited.jpg

Diversity Film 

Two Sides.jpg

Best Director Short over 10 Mins

1. Parker Viale

2. Clark Langon

3. Rafael Portillo

4. David Vorderstrasse

5. Elise Marie Hodge

6. Matt Shapiro

7. Shawn Bailey

Best Director Short 10 Mins and Under

1. Troy Le

2. Rob Gore

3. Sydney Strange

4. Christopher James Wallace

5. Michael Matsui

6. D'Adonis Moquette

7. Eileen Hoang/Rona Bernadette Arrogancia

Best Actor

1. Chris Amick-The Diner

2. Kendrick Daniels-Need A Lift

3. Eric Gomez-The Ghost Hunt

4. Stephen Davie-The Stroller

5. Kai'o Davis-The Stroller

6. James Kowalchik-Rise of The Collaspe

7. Baihan Zhang-Heartrender

Best Actress

1. Claire Langton-The Diner

2. Gaby Orellana-Hidden Above 2

3. Ashley Grace-The Stroller

4. Taylor E. Brummett-Rise of The Collaspe

5. Sophia Andrews-You're On Your Own, Kid

6. Sydney Strange- I Thought of You

7.  Gabriela LLarena- Inked Love

8. Eileen Hoang-See You Soon

Best Supporting Actor

1.  Lamondo Hill-Need A Lift

2. David Vorderstrasse-Hidden Above 2

3. John Demakas-Remember

4. J. Vazquez-The Donor

5. Chris Laird-The Ghost Hunt

6. Robert LaSardo-The Donor

7. Joshua Flores-Q-The Plaza

Best Supporting Actress

1.  Lainy Larsen-Hidden Above 2

2. Grace Park Bassett-Rise of the Collapse

3. Tisha Leigh-The Donor

4. Rosalin Santa Cruz-Two Sides

5. Ellie Hartman-Inked Love

6. Skya Theobald-Heartrender

Best Screenplay

1.  Lamondo Hill-Need A Lift

2. Parker Viale-Hidden Above 2

3. John Demakas-Remember

4. Claire Langton-The Diner

5. Paul Newton-Leggo My Soul

Best Sound Editing/Composer

1.  Blaine Santos-The Donor

2. John Dahl Honore-Inked Love

Best Horror Film

1.  The Contract

2. The Ghost Hunt

3. You’re on Your Own Kid
Hidden Above 2: The Mystery Unfolds

5. Leggo My Soul

6. Sleepy Hollow

7. The Lost

8. Thirteen Steps

Best Comedy Film

1.  The Contract

2. The Ghost Hunt

3. The Stroller

4. Leggo My Soul

Best Make-Up

1.  Dan Acosta-Inked Love

2. Don Redlingshafer-Rise of The Collapse

LifeTime Acheivement Award

Best Drama Film

1.  Remember

2. See You Soon

3. The Ukelele

Best Director Feature Film

1.  David Jon Foster-Centauir 29

2. Tremain Hayhoe-Simp

3. Robert Parham-Mad As Hell

Best Actor-Feature Film

1.  Mike Markoff-Simp

2.  Aaron Pina-Centauri 29

3. Robert Parham-Mad As Hell

Best Supporting Actor-Feature Film

1.  Mark Kadrich-Centauri 29

2. Gary L Turner-Mad As Hell

3. Rucka Rucka Ali-Simp

Best Actress-Feature Film
  1.  Cynda Williams-Mad As Hell
  2. Brooke Piedra-Simp


Best Supporting Actress-Feature Film

1.  Bunny Stewart-Simp

2. Nakia Bryant-Mad As Hell

SMBFF Circle of Excellence

Additional Nominations

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