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Meet the Team

SacTown Movie Buffs is a Sacramento, CA based Movie Review Organization founded by Kierre Stowes and Jason Alley. The Organization includes Sactown Movie Buffs Film Fest (SMBFF), SacTown Media Buffs TV (SMBTV) and SMB Productions. 

Jason and Kierre have been best friends for over 25 years and enjoy watching, discussing, and debating movies.  We started this organization to highlight Local Filmmakers, Film Crew, as well as influential Individuals and Businesses within Sacramento and surrounding areas. 

SacTown Movie Buffs Film Fest (SMBFF) is a Non-Profit Organization 501 (c) highlighting Independent Filmmakers in Sacramento, CA, The United States and Internationally.

SacTown Media Buffs (SMBTV) Is a Television series on Sacramento's Comcast's Channel 18. We have a show that airs every Wednesday night at 7pm.

SMB Production Is our newly formed Production Company offering various services including, Photography, Videography, Editing, Photoshoots, Headshots, and various Production Services. 

Please feel free to subscribe, comment and give us a Thumbs Up on our videos and reviews. We are also open to collaborations and would love to hear from Sponsors/Donors or anyone interested in working with us or hiring us for your event.  Hopefully you enjoy our content and would like to be a part of our Festival, Tv Show or Production Company.

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