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SacTown Movie Buffs Film Fest

2023 Film Festival Photos

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Film Freeway

SacTown Movie Buffs Film Fest
SacTown Movie Buffs Film Fest will be hosted in Sacramento, CA. The festival focuses on highlighting Independent film to help promote Sacramento, USA, and International Filmmakers. We emphasize and help facilitate networking and collaboration of our filmmakers, actors and attendees.
We will have a 2-day film festival including short films, feature films, animation, and documentaries.
There will be a red carpet, networking, a Q&A with the filmmakers after each block, and an awards ceremony, where trophies will be presented to the award winners. There will also be a Film Festival Mix.

Awards & Prizes
Award Winners will receive a Trophy, free merch, a feature/Interview on SacTown Movie Buff's Website, YouTube Channel (over 3k Subscribers), Podcast and Instagram (over 22k Followers).
Rules & Terms
SacTown Movie Buffs Film Fest (SMBFF) SUBMISSION RULES
1. SMBFF competition is open to the United States and International entries.
2. All films must submit online preview screeners.
3. Foreign language entries must have English language subtitles.
4. Applicants may submit as many entries as they wish, as long as each entry has a separate entry form and fee.

9. SMBFF has the right to screen any film or projects submitted to the SMBFF. SMBFF does not pay screening fees.
10. In order to receive any award trophy, the project's producer or director must be present.
11. If [a film is] officially selected, it is the responsibility of the submitter to send the festival their film in digital format, as requested by festival.
12. All decisions made by the festival are final and at their discretion.

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