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Kierre's Review of Black is King ★★★½

Black Is King 2020 ★★★½

Watched Aug 09, 2020

Black is King is a basically a Music Video Movie from Beyonce's album by the same name. The theme of the film is centered around The Lion King Remake movie that came out last year. I actually quite enjoyed the film but that is solely based on most of the songs and imagery which was amazing. The visuals just so great with the vivid colors, outfits (she probably wore over 100 different outfits in this film) and the images matched what was going on in each song so well. This film is quite original as it really isn't a film in the general sense and there really isn't a major plot either. While I did enjoy it a great deal, I can't say that I loved every song, and in my opinion there really wasn't too much in her music or in the film that really tied in The Lion King other that a few quotes from the film itself.  I do recommend watching this but go into knowing it really isn't a true film in the traditional sense.  For a longer discussion regarding this film, please check out our YouTube Channel, SacTown Movie Buffs and I've included a link below.

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