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Kierre's Review of The Flash 2023 ★★★½

Watched Jun 6, 2023

The Flash is the first stand-alone film starring Ezra Miller as the title character. Having helped save the world with the Justice League, Barry Allen has now learned that he has the ability to travel back in time. He had been trying to get his father acquitted of murdering his mother to no avail, so he trying to go back in time to make a subtle change that might prevent her death. However, when he tries to travel back to the present, he is stopped, and ends up in a different timeline and runs into a younger version of himself. Additionally, he learns that he is in a different past with new villains and a lack of superheroes.

I enjoyed this film quite a bit. I'm always a huge fan of multi-verse and alternate universes and this was right up my alley. The story was fun and filled with many cameos and lots of action sprinkled in. I believe audiences will enjoy this one and look forward to what comes next with this story.

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