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Jason's Review of Christmas Bloody Christmas 2022 ★★½

Watch Dec 17, 2022

An 88-minute movie about a killer Santa robot should really not be this tedious or annoying.

The first half is almost unbearable as it consists solely of obnoxious characters just YELLING obnoxious opinions and profanity at each other constantly (I love me some profanity but it feels so fake and forced here).

The second half picks up a little because we finally get some action and Santa carnage that is pretty decent. But we still have completely obnoxious characters to deal with who WON’T STOP YELLING (even if the yelling makes more sense now).

So I’m giving it a generous 2.5 stars for the fact that it looks really good (excellent job on the Christmas decoration production design) and the action and Santa carnage is pretty good. Everything else is lame sauce though, like a fake, phony attempt at making a Rob Zombie movie without the talent, artistry, intelligence, or conviction. Bummer.

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