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Jason's Review of Creed III 2023 ★★★½

Watched March 03, 2023

A long, heavy, somber drama periodically interrupted by boxing. The annoyingly rowdy Friday night crowd I saw it with seemed confused and impatient with the former. I definitely liked it, but I was also a bit impatient at times and the original Creed is still the only one in the series I truly love.

Michael B. Jordan is a great actor and shows solid chops behind the camera as well here, in his directorial debut. Jonathan Majors is outstanding, as per usual. This is what a complex and layered villain performance looks like, as opposed to what people were straining to say about his character in that latest execrable Ant-Man movie.

Super predictable of course, but I don’t mind predictability as long as I’m engaged, and despite this being a bit too long and a bit too serious to keep my attention the whole way, I was.

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