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Jason's Review of Evil Dead Rise 2023 ★★★★★

Watched Apr 22, 2023


1. High rise horror needs to be a thing again!

2. As an uncle with lots of awesome nephews and a niece I care about very much, I love the “cool Aunt as hero” storyline here. Super likable characters and strong performances all around. Heretofore unfamiliar with Lily Sullivan, but she rules.


4. Cursed vinyl always makes me chuckle, reminds me of The Gate, Trick or Treat, and The Lords of Salem!

5. The cheese grater!

6. Pretty much everything I want and expect from an Evil Dead movie except for Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell of course, but it’s nice to see their influence and know it has their blessing.

7. Not sure the bookending scenes are necessary, but I might as well give it 5 stars now because I know when I’m watching this at home on 4K many times in the coming years all quibbles will melt away.

8. See it with a crowd!!!

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