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Jason's Review of John Wick: Chapter 4 2023 ★★★★

Watched Apr 1, 2023

This was really cool, I dig it, I dug it. Would have dug it even more at around 120 minutes as opposed to a butt-numbing and indulgent 169 minutes.

“Indulgent” kind of goes with the territory with this franchise though, which has gotten more and more absurd with each installment.

I don’t mind the indulgence in the action scenes, which are incredible (again) even if there are just too damn many of them, and I like the pronounced John Woo influence. I could do with way less of the ponderous and super serious dialogue scenes in between, though. I am into this techno-Euro-gothic fantasy world, but Chapter 2 remains the undisputed high point in the series, since it gave dimension to this world without being three hours long.

But hey! It’s John Wick and it’s cool. I like these movies and I will assuredly by the eventual 4K four-pack!

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