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Jason's Review of Oxygen 2021

Watched May 31, 2021

Much like BURIED with Ryan Reynolds, this is a surprisingly creative and entertaining film for taking place entirely inside a tiny space. Mélanie Laurent (best known by American audiences as Shoshannah from INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) wakes up inside a sealed cryogenic chamber that is rapidly leaking oxygen and must figure out why she’s there and how to escape. To say anymore would ruin a good number of genuine surprises as the mystery unfolds.

Laurent is remarkable and director Alexandre Aja (a French horror filmmaker who had a hit with another “trapped” scenario in 2019’s CRAWL) keeps things moving quite nicely. A couple of confusing story elements are the only things that give me pause. This was thoroughly entertaining and I’d recommend to any fan of suspense and/or science-fiction.

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