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Jason's Review of Smile 2022 ★★★★

Watched Sep 30, 2022

Good, freaky fun! Barbarian is a better film, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t even more fun to see with a crowd! Yet another damn good 2022 horror release. Yeah, it more or less progresses the way you expect it to. Yeah, it’s definitely reminiscent of It Follows and The Ring. Yeah, at 115 minutes it could use some trimming. But! Soooo creepy and truly unsettling in ways that I didn’t expect, with some imagery that I can’t un-see. Plus an absolutely tremendous score by Cristobal Tapia de Veer. One of the best horror scores I’ve heard in a while, it’s as scary as the imagery! Smile may not reinvent the wheel, but it dresses the wheel up in some interesting ways, that’s for sure.

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