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Jason's Review of Stowaway 2021 ★★★★½

Watched Jun 08, 2021

Excellent. A powerful and thoroughly gripping, nearly flawless science-fiction drama about four people in an impossible situation. I love a good Twilight-Zone-style moral conundrum story convincingly told, and this is a great one. A different movie would have made this a violent thriller, your standard “we’re all monsters when the chips are down” bleak-fest, and hey, that could have made for a good movie too. But I very much appreciated this movie’s atypical (for these times) approach that demonstrates what I believe, that tough times can sometimes make us better humans, not worse. I can’t say enough about the four performances in this movie, all perfect. All four characters are so well-drawn and sympathetic in different ways. I’m no actor, but I can imagine that reacting in a realistic way to a truly impossible and unthinkable scenario is one of the hardest things to do, and all four actors completely nail it over and over again. On top of all this it looks amazing, too.

One of 2021’s best and easily one of the best Netflix originals ever.

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