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Jason's Review of The Last Blockbuster 2020 ★★½

Watched Mar 15, 2021

Pretty threadbare. I miss video stores, I have so many great memories associated with them from my youth and my development as a movie fan. But this movie made me feel weird about being nostalgic for what was essentially a monopoly, the Walmart of video stores, that destroyed so many of the non-corporate Mom and Pop shops. Which is a point that this movie barely every makes mention of.

And especially why go out of your way to include Lloyd Kaufman if you’re just going to silence his dissenting viewpoint by cutting the interview short and making fun of how someone could ever not like Blockbuster and how it was hard to get independent and non-Hollywood films into their stores? I get that the logo, the blue and yellow, the’s powerful and I feel it too. And I really like Sandi Harding, the lady who manages the titular last Blockbuster store in the world. But yeah, I miss video stores, I miss the prevalence of physical media, but maybe I don’t miss Blockbuster, the epitome of the corporate steamroller version of that, as much as I thought I did.

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