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Jason's Review of They/Them 2022 ★★★★

Watched Aug 08, 2022

I know everyone is having a blast hate-watching this and apparently I’m supposed to hate it too, but I really didn’t. I liked it quite a bit, actually. It might be heresy, but for me this was a way better (not to mention more emotionally satisfying) gay movie than the critically-fawned-over Fire Island. Totally different movies, yes, but it’s the truth. Is it perfect? Of course not. But is it deserving of a 1.7 average rating? Not a chance. It’s depressing how this seems to happen to every new major release horror movie that doesn’t arrive pre-loaded with months of hype. Horror fans are always the first to tear it apart. Worth watching for having Kevin Bacon back in a summer camp slasher setting alone, this time in a scenery-chomping villain role, but then you have an incredibly talented cast of LGBTQIA+ teens, lots of endearing and interesting characters, and while I wasn’t fully sold on the killer reveal at first, by the end I was on board. Last but not least, the killer’s mask is sweet once you get a good look at it. Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed it, what can I say?

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