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Jason's Review of Violent Night 2022 ★★★

Watched Dec 09, 2022

The only thing I really liked was David Harbour as Santa, making absolute ground beef out of an army a bad guys with a vast array of sharp and blunt instruments. Almost everything else felt empty or surprisingly annoying to me, and it seemed too long and not as funny as it should be, which was a genuine surprise because on paper this movie should check off so many boxes for me. I am always down for some dark, violent Christmas tomfoolery, whether it’s Krampus or Bad Santa or Fatman and this just didn’t give me that spark.

Maybe it’s me! I’m at the end of a very weird and stressful week. So for now I’ll give it a conditional 3/5, and revisit later this month or next year and (knowing me) I’ll give it 4/5 or something, and wonder what the hell I was thinking tonight! 🤣

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