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Jason's Review of We Have a Ghost 2023 ★★½

Watched Mar 09, 2023

Damn, I was really pulling for this one. I like the premise and the cast, and I loved Christopher Landon’s Happy Death Day and Freaky. I also happen to think that high-profile Netflix originals never seem to get a fair shake from critics. However, after a not-too-bad first hour, there’s just one bad decision after another here.

Why did this need a car chase? Why is the CIA in this movie? Why do they saddle David Harbour with an ugly combover that automatically destroys any scene going for pathos? Whose idea was it to have David Harbour not say a single word for the entire movie? Why is it over two hours long?

But it means well, it’s got a solid soundtrack, and it does humorously reference its own rather blatant similarity to Beetlejuice…at least before it goes off the rails with car chases and CIA ghost hunters.

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