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Kierre’s Review Borat Subsequent Moviefilm 2020 ★★★

Watched Nov 01, 2020

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is the sequel to the first Borat film that came out back in 2006. Like the original film, the main star played by Sasha Baron Cohen uses his character to make everyone feel very uncomfortable but in humorous manner.

In this film Borat is been sent to prison in Kazakhstan for his previous Documentary which angered his country. He is then offered freedom to return to America to present a gift to either Donald Trump or Mike Pence. However upon his return to America his daughter has snuck her way into America also and so his plan is present her as the gift instead.

The film is very funny, no question about it. You will definitely laugh quite a few times; however you will also feel very uncomfortable in many situations. I felt the main star did a great job as well as his daughter in this film. There is very famous scene in this one involving Borat, his daughter and Rudy Giuliani, which is worth seeing for this scene alone! Overall however, it is the kind of film where you will laugh and say it was funny but may never watch it again.

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