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Kierre’s Review of Bad Hair 2020 ★★

Bad Hair 2020 ★★

Watched Oct 21, 2020

Bad Hair is predominately an African-American Horror film set in the late 1980's around 1989. It is about a young black woman named Anna who works at a Hip Hop/R&B Television Station (think Yo MTV Raps), as an Assistant to the Producer of the station. She has always been behind the camera but has great ideas and envisions herself being in front of the camera one day but many feel it is her natural, kinky hair that is holding her back.

The Station has begun to lose viewers and soon new ownership takes over with a new Producer. The new Producer likes Anna's ideas but says that if she wants to be in front of the camera she has to do something about her hair and recommends a salon her to go get "her hair did". However the weave she has put into her hair is actually alive! It moves and needs to consume blood in order to survive!

I was into parts of this film but it took too long for the horror to start as it is almost an hour into the film before she even gets the weave. Also once she does, the film isn't very scary comes across more silly than anything. I felt this film was just ok overall.

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