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Kierre’s Review of Becky 2020 ★★★½

Becky 2020 ★★★½

Watched Jun 26, 2020

Becky is a Horror/Action film about a teenage girl who goes to her vacation home with her dad and her dad's new girlfriend, who also has a kid, and Becky really doesn't care for either of them. Aside from that, A group of escaped Criminals/Skinheads who are led by Paul Blart aka Kevin James, break into the house and hold everyone hostage, as they are in search of a key that was stashed away in the house years ago. However Becky is off in the woods surrounding the house and has the key the skinheads are looking for, but when they go to find her, they find out that Becky is no ordinary little girl.

This is such a fun and violent film, it is basically a gory version of Home Alone, with eyeballs popping out of sockets and throats being slashed and I gotta be honest, I enjoyed the hell outta this film! I highly recommend.

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