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Kierre’s Review of Black Bear 2020 ★★½

Black Bear 2020 ★★½

Watched Jan 24, 2021

Black Bear is sort of a hard film to describe as it is basically two separate films. The film stars Aubrey Plaza as an actress/Director/Writer who decides to go stay at an Airbnb cabin to combat her writer's block and to focus and attempt to come up with a new story. The Cabin is run by a husband and wife, staring Christopher Abbott, and Sarah Gadon. The first half of the film is basically the three of them having drinks and getting into deep discussions. However, you can tell that Plaza's character and Abbott's character have a physical attraction even though he is married. I was really into this part of the film but midway through the story the film completely flips the script. That's all I can say without giving too much. However, the first half of the film is far more interesting than the 2nd half.

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