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Kierre's Review of Black Rabbit ★★½

Black Rabbit is an Independent Action/Thriller directed by a new Filmmaker, Britton Thomas and stars Jesse Janzen, as a Hitman named Peter with some psychological issues. The basic plot is that a group of individuals, including Peter are hired to do a job where they discover the body of the Mayor of California. From there a series of mysterious events happen that include lots of flashbacks providing more insight into Peter's life and his hallucinations. This is a local Sacramento, Ca film and so of course it was one that I had to check out. Overall it wasn't a bad film, especially from a first time Director who was only 18 years old when the film was made. There is definitely some room for improvement, but such is the case when you are working on a limited budget. Even though I can't say that I loved it, it is one to check out and I can't wait to see Britton Thomas does next! For a longer discussion regarding this film, please check out Youtube Channel, SacTown Movie Buffs and I've included a link to the discussion below.

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