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Kierre's Review of Brian and Charles 2022 ★★★½

Watched Feb 18, 2023

Brian and Charles is a British comedy about a man named Brian who is somewhat of a loner and a failed inventor who builds an A.I. Robot as a companion. The Robot named Charles, can talk, think, and learn but is also very humorous. Charles basically starts off an infant but clearly grows up and becomes somewhat of a rebellious teenager who wants to be able to go out on his own, but Brain fears what will happen to him if his neighbors or anyone finds out about his invention.

I really enjoyed this film. It wasn't anything extremely original, as it reminded me of several other films about Artificial Intelligence, but I found the film to be heartwarming and very funny. It is a film that I feel would be great for the whole family and one that I definitely will be watching again.

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