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Kierre’s Review of Enola Holmes 2020 ★★★

Enola Holmes 2020 ★★★

Watched Sep 28, 2020

Enola Holmes stars Millie Bobby Brown (From Stranger Things) as the little sister of Sherlock Holmes. She is raised by her mother who one day disappears, and Enola must go on a mission to find out where she may have went. While searching her for mother she also get involved in solving a mystery of trying to help a Young Lord, who is on the run as some is trying to kill him. Sherlock Holmes in this film is played by Henry Cavill (Superman).

I've never been a big Sherlock Holmes fans to begin with but overall I did enjoy this film. It was interesting for the most part and had a unique story as well. I did feel it was tad bit long, but overall not a bad film in my opinion. 

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