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Kierre's Review of Eurovision Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga ★★½

Watched Jul 06, 2020

Eurovision (long ass title), is basically a Comedy about a real singing competition in Europe called "Eurovision". It is Europe's version of American Idol. The film stars Will Farrell and Rachel McAdams as childhood friends from Iceland, who both have dreams of singing on stage at Eurovison. It is clearly more of Will's character's dream than Rachel's but she is going along with him as she may have a crush on him. Basic story is that they form a band called "Fire Saga" and submit their song or album into the contest and are chosen randomly. Although they aren't the best singers by far in the competition, they end up winning the competition for Iceland (based on a technicality) and try their luck at Eurovision. The film was just ok. There weren't a lot of laughs in my opinion and the film felt like a million other films that I have seen in the past, such as The Cutting Edge, or even Blades of Glory (which also starred Will Farrell) Overall not a film I would personally visit and it was somewhat forgettable. For a longer discussion about this film, please check out our Youtube Channel, SacTown Movie Buffs and I've included a link to the discussion below as well.

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