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Kierre’s Review of Game of Death 2017 ★★★

Watched Aug 09, 2020

Game of Death is a very short film about a group of Young Adults/Late Teens who all decide to play a game by the same name. They basically are all required to stick their fingers on the game board and there is a countdown and then a needle sticks all of their fingers and draws their blood. Soon they are told that they must kill 24 people or they will each start dying.  This really all you need to know about this film. There is lots of death and blood, and head explosions and I enjoy all of that. If there is any criticism it would be some of questionable acting by the Late Teens and it is so short we really don't find out much about the Teens and there is zero character development. If you are interested in a short but very violent film then I recommend checking this out.

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