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Kierre’s Review of Halloween Party 2019 ★

Watched Oct 20, 2020

Halloween Party is flaming, hot garbage!!!

Halloween Party, a film that really has nothing to do with an actual Halloween Party, is about an online game where you are asked a question about your greatest fear. You have about 30 seconds to answer the fear or your greatest fear will come to kill you. For example, if you are scared of pigs, but do not answer this within 30 seconds, then pigs will come for you.

This is the primarily the plot of the first half of the film, but the 2nd half of the film takes a very dramatic and mostly stupid turn as then becomes about this deformed kids that are haunting a college campus. Again really nothing about a Halloween Party.

The film has bad acting, isn't scary and one of the worst plots I've ever seen. This might be the worst film I've seen all year! Do not go see this film!!!

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