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Kierre's Review of In Search of Darkness★★★½

Watched Aug 09, 2020

In Search of Darkness is a 4 and half hour Documentary about 1980's Horror Films and how they changed the landscape of Horror Films in general. The film goes in chronicle logical order from 1980-1989 but they do throw in some sub-genres such as "The Final Girl" in films.  I greatly enjoyed this film but if I'm being 100% honest, did find it to be a little long and I had to watch the film in 2 parts. However the commentary is great and all of my favorite Horror films of the 1980's were represented or discussed at some point in the Doc. It is a much see for any true Horror fan like myself. This film is currently Streaming on Shutter which can be added to your Amazon Prime Subscription. Sactown Movie Buffs also did a full review of this film and we included our Top 10 Horror Films of the 1980's as well. I've included the link to the discussion below.

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