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Kierre's Review of Lights Camera Bullshit ★★½

★★½ Watched 29 Aug, 2020

Lights Camera Bullshit is a story about a man who was living in Puerto Rico for bit and then moves back to the US in Memphis, Tenn in order to produce a film that he wrote a script for. He ends up working for a Production Company who make videos and shoot commercials and ends up being caught up in the middle of two murderous gangs who wear masks of old Presidents.

SacTown Movie Buffs was invited to review the film by the Director himself and while it wasn't a bad film, it was a little weird for my personal taste. The Dialogue was interesting but the story was all over the place, but overall not a bad film. My Co-Star enjoyed the film a lot more that I did however. If you are into weird and different (think David Lynch) then you just might enjoy this one.

For a longer discussion regarding this film please check out our Youtube Channel SacTown Movie Buffs and I've included a link to the Discussion below.

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