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Kierre’s Review of Love and Monsters 2020 ★★★½

Watched Nov 13, 2020

Love and Monsters is a Post Apocalypse Horror/Comedy film about a nuclear explosion that causes all of the insects to grow into these giant Monsters that kill and eat people. The remaining survivors are forced to live underground in colonies in order to ensure survival. The main character Joel (played by Dylan O'Brien) is a bit of a weakling. He doesn't assist in hunting for food or battling the Monsters as he freezes up whenever there is a sign of danger. However, he learns that a girl that he used to date, prior to the end of the world is still alive and living about 85 miles away, and so he decides to travel on foot to find her. I really enjoyed this film and it is fun for the whole family. It reminded me a bit of Zombieland and Tremors and is a blast. It is definitely more funny than scary but there is something in this film for everyone. My only small gripe is that I wish there were a few more bugs!

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