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Kierre's Review of Plane 2023 ★★★½

Watched Jan 10, 2023

Plane is an action film starring Gerard Butler as a Pilot navigating an international flight with a very small crew and only about 14 passengers, one of which is a suspected criminal (played by Mike Colter) that is being brought to justice in the US. During the flight, the plane flies through a storm and is hit by lightning forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in an island somewhere off the Philippines. Once the plane lands the passengers are confronted by the local Militia group and taken hostage, except for Bulter's and Colter's characters who went off to look for help. They now much find the remaining passengers and free them from their captives.

This is an action that I quite enjoyed. It was fast-paced and a lot of fun. It does have some flaws but overall, it was extremely entertaining. There are plenty of fight scenes and suspense to keep almost any movie-goer engaged. This is a film that I strongly recommend.

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