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Kierre's Review of Relic ★★½

Relic 2020 ★★½

Watched Jul 19, 2020

Relic is a story about a elderly grandmother who goes missing for a few days and so her daughter and granddaughter come to her house to find her. Within a day or two the Grandmother appears like nothing has happened with no memory as where she has been, but there are black marks and stains all over the house and the grandmother has black marks on her chest as well. Relic is a slow-burn horror film that I found moved a little too slowly for for my liking and payoff wasn't really worth it. I can't say that I was bored by any means, but I didn't find the film to particularly scary (outside of a scene where the Granddaughter gets lost inside the house), and the film ended with more questions than answers. This isn't a film that I would personally revisit or recommend. For a longer discussion about this film, please check our Youtube Channel, SacTown Movie Buffs and I've included a link below as well.


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