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Kierre’s Review of Run 2020 ★★★½

Run 2020 ★★★½

Watched Dec 06, 2020

Run stars Sarah Paulson (as Diane) and Kiera Allen(Chloe) as a mother and daughter with an odd relationship. When Chloe is born, she is very sickly and has a host of issues including asthma and not being about to walk. She is now 17 years old and about to graduate from High School and is applying for college. She soon starts noticing things about her mother that question whether she is being truthful or not. This is including all the medication her mother makes her take and the fact that none of her college applications are being accepted with no response at all. She believe her mother may be preventing her from ever leaving the house. This film is kind of hard to describe fully without giving to much away. It is basically a modern day "Misery" where it appears the mother is doing anything to keep the child locked inside the house. I enjoyed it quite a bit and thought it was a great thriller in my opinion. The acting was great and new comer Kiera Allen (who is actually partially wheelchair bound in real life) does a phenomenal job in her debut film. I strongly recommend anyone check this flick out.

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