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Kierre’s Review of Selah and the Spades 2019 ★★

Watched May 24, 2020

Selah & The Spades is film about a group of High School kids at an Affluent and Prestigious Prep school, who are also involved in dealing drugs and in gangs. The story centers around Selah who is the leader of The Spades and they specialize in dealing drugs and have conflicts with other gangs/clicks at the school. This film has great reviews, especially since it was directed by a first female director. However, I personally didn't enjoy it all that much. The kids were way too smart and acted like adults but we are to believe that with all their intelligence and high academic standards, also along with many of them being cheerleaders, that they are also involved in this world of dealing drug and jumping kids who don't pay up. I just found the story to not be very believable, and since 90% of the film takes plan on the HS campus, there really isn't very much character development outside of the lead Actress. I overall was a little bored. I cannot recommend this one.

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