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Kierre's Review of The Fabelmans 2022 ★★★½

Watched Mar 10, 2023

The Fabelmans is a coming-of-age story loosely based on the teenage years of Steven Spielberg. The film is mostly centered around the life of The Fabelman family as they move around the US for the father's work. Meanwhile, young Sammy has dreams of becoming a director but is starting to notice some issues within the family. The film stars Gabriel LaBelle, Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, and Seth Rogen.

I enjoyed this film, but it wouldn't be my pick for Best Picture at the 2023 Academy Awards. I found the story to be interesting with great acting but felt it was missing something even for a film with a very long runtime. The film dances around many elements including infidelity, racism and even mental health but never quite commits to any one issue.

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