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Kierre's Review of The Hunt ★★★½

The Hunt 2020 ★★★½

Watched Mar 14, 2020

The Hunt is about a group of random people from all over the US, who for some unknown reason, were drugged and kidnapped and all woke up in a field someplace with gags around their mouths and their hands tied. They then find an arsenal of weapons, and are then being shot at and hunted by a different group of people.  I really enjoyed this film quite a bit. It reminded of another film called Series 7: The Contenders, but in this film the group has to semi band together to stay alive vs killing each other. There is lots of action and some Political Satire elements in the film as well. The plot is kind of basic and you really don't find out the motive till towards the end but you just sit back and enjoy the ride, I think you just might like this one! 

I highly recommend!!!

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