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Kierre's Review of The Invisible Man 2020 ★★★

Watched Mar 03, 2020

The Invisible Man stars Elisabeth Moss as woman named Cecilia who escapes from her abusive boyfriend named Adrian. With help from her sister, she seeks refuge at a home with a family friend, who also lives with his teenage daughter. Upon learning that her abusive boyfriend has recently died of suicide, she inherits 5 Million dollars from him and tries to move on with her life. However strange things begin happening in the home she is staying in, with objects moving, things turning up missing and she begins to think that Adrian is still alive, but has somehow found a way to be Invisible. It starts off as a really good ghost story, with creepy things happening that get progressively more intense. I really enjoyed the first hour or so of the film but then the film sort of gets weird and starts going off the deep end in my opinion. I did find it interesting how exactly these things are happening, but I can't elaborate without giving away too much. While still enjoyed it overall, I still think there were a lot of missed opportunities.

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