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Kierre’s Review of The Social Dilemma 2020 ★★★★

Watched Sep 13, 2020

The Social Dilemma is excellent Documentary about the effects of what Social Media is causing to our world. There are basically a group Tech Developers who all worked on the early stages of Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and many more, all sharing their experiencing and negative results that these platforms are having on children as well as adults. Within the Documentary is also an Re-enactment of a family who struggle with being addicted to Social Media and their Cell Phones.

I highly enjoyed this Documentary! There were many things that I was aware of regarding the increase in self-esteem, Anxiety, Depression and Suicide that have all been linked to Social Media, but many big surprises as well. This film is very interesting and also very scary as well. I highly encourage everyone to check this film out this is something that effects all of us.

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