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Kierre's Review of Thunder Force 2021 ★★★

Watched May 01, 2021

#Thunderforce Thunder Force stars Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, who live in a world with Super Villains. Basically there was a meteor that caused certain people on earth (all bad people) to have superpowers. Octavia's parents were actually killed by the Super Villains and she has vowed to find a way to avenge them. She is a bit of nerd just like her parents who is always focused on her studies and research. Meanwhile Melissa' character is a bit of screw up and somehow befriends Octavia's character, making for an unlikely pair. They are pretty much inseparable until they have a falling out in High School. Flash forward to their HS Reunion, and now Melissa's character is still screw up and Octavia's character is basically the richest Scientist in the world. Melissa tries to go visit Octavia's office in order to invite her to the reunion and somehow ends up accidently injecting herself with a solution that enhances her strength. Octavia's character also ends of have a Superpower of being invisible and they for a team, called Thunder Force to fight the bad guys. The film also stars Jason Bateman and Bobby Cannavale as some of the Super Villains. Look, I know this film is pretty much panned by everyone, but I actually enjoyed it. I found it it be very funny in parts and thought they made a pretty good pair. It is far from a perfect film but if you check your brain at the door, you might just have a good time.

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