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Kierre's Review of Watcher 2022 ★★★½

Watched Feb 04, 2023

Watcher is a Horror Film about a young couple who move from the US to Romania. The boyfriend receives a promotion at work and is required to move there for his job as he speaks both Romanian and English, whereas the girlfriend only speaks English. While the boyfriend is at work, the girl is at the apartment and notices what she believes is someone watching her from an adjacent apartment. She also learns about a serial killer in her neighborhood who is targeting and killing women. While she is out and about, going to movies, and grocery shopping she also notices that someone appears to be following her around. She begins to believe that maybe the person watching her from the window, the person following her around, and the serial killer may all be the same individual.

I enjoyed this film quite a bit. The pacing is a little slower than most horror films, but it continues to build and the last 25 minutes or so are very terrifying. I enjoyed the story and found the film to be very entertaining and creepy. I would definitely argue that this is one of the better horror films of 2020.

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